Lunch Program/Fundraiser

Participate in our School Lunch Fundraiser! School-Lunch

Our school Lunch Fundraiser is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Funds received from the lunch program allow the Boosters to coordinate many fun Booster events for the students, and to help provide the teachers with various classroom supplies. Through coordination with various local restaurants, we have worked to bring the students healthy and fun options that will have them excited about lunch every day. To sign up for lunch ordering, please click on the link below, for instructions on how to register with Boonli. Then, you can click on the “Register with Boonli” link, which will direct you to the Boonli website, where you can register for an account, view menus and place lunch orders. When registering, you will need to enter the school code: BasisSP20.

Instructions for registering and ordering with Boonli: Welcome to Boonli

Register with Boonli!

We are excited to be able to offer school lunch service five days a week this year! The ordering menu will be open to accept orders beginning August 1st, 2018. Click here after August 1st to be re-routed to the Boonli lunch order page!

The lunch vendors and order deadlines are as follows:

Lunch Day Restaurant Vendor Order Deadline:
Monday Panera Bread Friday’s by 11:59 PM
Tuesday Senor Taco Saturday’s by 11:59 PM
Wednesday Marigold Maison Sunday’s by 11:59 PM
Thursday Chick-fil-a Monday’s by 11:59 PM
Friday Streets of New York Tuesday’s by 11:59 PM

Please email for any lunch-related questions.



volunteer_handsLunch Volunteers Needed!

The lunch program at BASIS is run 100% by volunteers and is coordinated by the BASIS Scottsdale Primary East Boosters. We CANNOT do this without YOU and we are GRATEFUL that you are here. Please consider signing up to volunteer for lunch service. A Signup Genius Calendar has been created for you to view and signup for lunch volunteer spaces at

This program is great, and provides many benefits to our Bull-pup community. Our School Lunch Fundraiser gives parents easy, healthy options for kids, from local vendors, without the hassle of packing a lunch for them every day, or unpacking an untouched lunch from home at the end of the day. This is great volunteer opportunity and we hope to hear from you!